Martin Fitzpatrick

HeadshotMartin Fitzpatrick (#MA68606) is a licensed massage therapist under the Florida Department of Health.

Martin is no novice when it comes to understanding the body. With over over ten years of experience in classical dance and a variety of martial art disciplines.

From dance he learned how a healthy, well-tuned, individual can move. From martial arts he learned how to manipulate and read the human body.

By incorporating these skills into Swedish Massage he is able to find and deal with problematic trouble spots quickly, without compromising the safety of the client.

As an athlete who copes with the aches and pains that come with this lifestyle, Martin understands the rejuvenating effects that massage has on the body and mind better than most people.

With first rate experience and knowledge Martin is well equipped to help his clients on the road to a less stressful and pain free life.